Spring 2016

2016 marks the beginning of our fourteenth season of farming Mountain View Organics.  The fields are disked and cover cropped, which brought us some beautiful visitors to the open fields.  The cranes pictured below faithfully landed on the seeded fields each morning until the seeds germinated.  I see these same birds down the road a piece on another open seeded field.  These cranes are a rare sight around here and are welcome.  We do not mind sharing a few seeds with them for the tranquility and beauty they provide.


Skye is driving the John Deere up the freshly graveled drive after disking the fields.  No rototilling this season, simply disk and drag prior to opening up furrows for planting with a triangular blade.

Record rainfall this winter brought a multitude of blossoms on our fruit trees. Pictured from left to right are nectarine, apricot, and cherry blossoms.

Flats of transplant containers filled with vitality for a healthy start.  We watch the biodynamic calendar for optimum planting dates for the various crops.

A variety of tomatoes from paste to large red heirlooms were started in flats, then transplanted to 6-packs, and later to 3″ and 4″ pots for momentum and prime readiness for transplanting in May.

Red and green cabbage show steady growth.

Greens, including various lettuces, kale, and mustard will be planted this weekend, along with onions, potatoes, broccoli, and cabbage!

Seedlings of watermelon, various muskmelons, and cucumbers show a healthy germination rate.


Who says that corn can’t be transplanted???  We do it!


This is why we’re called Mountain View Organics!