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New Season New Focus


We are experimenting with making hydrosols from ancient roses. Rosa Damascena,

Rosa Alba, and Rosa Centifolia are the oldest varieties of roses and contain therapeutic qualities and the quintessential rose fragrance that is “complex, fruity, and rich.”  We grow them organically and have lately been picking blossoms daily for steam distillation, which forms the lovely rosewater we use as a spritzer to calm and cool the skin.  Research is ongoing to find the best method of steam distilling and essential oil extraction.  These ancient rose varieties are absolutely the best for this purpose.


The grapes are growing prolifically.

Small clusters of grapes can be seen in the first picture!

The bottom picture is what the apples look like today!  They are growing steadily and shaping up to be a good apple season! The previous two pictures were taken when the trees were in blossom earlier this spring.

Jeff has been busy hilling the potatoes!  We have three varieties this season:

Huckleberry Gold, AmaRosa Fingerling, and Yukon Gold!

Almost finished laying straw mulch to tomatoes prior to setting cages over them.
Zucchini, Zephyr, and Goldy summer squash!
This small field of luscious bi-color corn was planted earlier than the silver queen and with distance separating the varieties to keep them true.
View towards the West with potatoes in the foreground, Luscious bicolor corn in the center, and Jeff in the cucumber fields in front of the apple trees.

We look forward to seeing all our Mt. Shasta Farmers’ Market and

Berryvale friends soon!!