Fall 2016



The annual Montague Balloon Fair at the end of September made for some colorful sights in the valley skies.

We hiked to Squaw Valley Meadow on September 30th, just before a storm came in and blanketed the mountain in white.  These are some of the final views of Mt. Shasta uncovered in 2016.  Sean is didging to the oncoming storm.


Lots of canning and freezing in the fall…here we canned sour cherries that we had frozen earlier in the season and also Fall pears in a light syrup.


The craziest looking potato ever!

Our Robot Coup has worked wonders for cutting and slicing!  We sliced potatoes and leeks, laid them out on cotton towels to absorb moisture, and packed them into quart bags for the freezer.  The potatoes were blanched to prevent browning.

Packed and ready for the freezer, serving size portions for potato leek soup!


Packed freezer, full of good organic food…ready for winter!

Skye bakes the best bread!

Two wonderful Autumn meals:  Eggplant Parmesana cooked by Deanna                             Steak dinner featuring Arend’s grass-fed organic beef with Dave Edmundson’s sauerkraut


Fascination over Skye’s chocolate kirsch apricot Sacher torte!