2016…A Dedicated Farming Season

Views through time of the fields from the front porch


It appears as though we will have three rounds of melon harvest this season.  We have had a go round with cutworm damage to the first and second plantings.  The third and final planting will have individual cardboard collars around each plant to create a barrier.  We did have some melons survive from the first and second plantings.  Pictured above are caribbean gold, papaya dew and watermelon.

Tomatoes will come in many varieties, with midseason reds and large heirlooms!

Corn fields are thriving!  This mosaic shows growth through time.


Cucumbers are starting to run and flower!  After a few rounds of hoeing weeds, we spread a nice thick bed of straw around them to conserve water, keep a soft top layer of soil, and have a clean bed for them to lie on as they grow.


Lots of onion varieties and leeks this season!

Showing progression backwards in time.  We will have summer squash and zucchini for our first market on July 11th!

We found it to work out better when the four of us work as a team to lay the straw, rather than using the straw blower.  This way, it is placed more strategically and is more gentle to the plants.


Strong stand of purple and white eggplant!


Yukon Gold, Russet Burbank, and Purple Viking potatoes have been hilled, and mulched heavily with organic aged bark and straw.  They just keep on growing taller, so we will be putting on another layer of straw soon.  This could mean lots of taters!

Sean on top of straw bales, Omi and Opi with first harvest share, and Mt. Shasta!

We are blessed to have this beautiful view of the mountain.  That’s why we are

Mountain View Organics!!!