4th of July Storm


View of sky looking towards farm from Lake Shastina on the 4th of July.  A huge storm hit us on the 4th, causing the gulch to open up and cut pathways through the farm.  Needless to say, we have been repairing damage to save our crops.

This gulch remains dry most often, but can become a raging river during a strong storm.  It opened up the night of July 4th and cut streams throughout the farm and down the road.

????????????? ?????????????

Fairly substantial scar running down from gulch.  Rock pile at top of property calms the torrent, but did not stop it.

Empty field next to corn shows where water flowed through.

????????????? Corn flattened…


Jordan and Skye prop corn up with shovel scoops of soil.



Same field…standing straight and tall!


This is a later planting of corn, younger and more resilient…we waited to see if it would right itself…


It appears as though all is well with the corn at present.

20150707_190626Watching the storms on July 7th…wondering…20150707_190754Dramatic skies!

?????????????This is why we’re called Mountain View Organics!


One thought on “4th of July Storm”

  1. Wow that is crazy!That must have been some heavy ☔ to do that much damage! Hope everything is going good. Heading home today, I’ll call you this week. See y’all soon.

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