Spiders and Snakes!


Gopher snake!  A good guy in the garden…they help to keep the rodent population in check.  It is, however, startling when bending down to harvest a beautiful zucchini, to find that diamond pattern with the same coloration as the deadly rattlesnake right at one’s fingertips!  Look for the rattle…also the head is shaped slightly different, with the rattlesnake having more of a triangular head.




Cucumbers are reaching out, flowering, and producing fruit!Painted serpent, or striped Armenian cucumber

Walla Walla onions bulbing up nicely!

The tall proud red guy is the rooster…he’s a nice one!  The hens are quite happy!

Baby chick born…mama hen keeps watch!

 Tomatoes are forming and hanging on the vines!

Black widow…what a beautiful spot for your web…you carry a deadly venom, but when you look so healthy and nurturing towards your young, it is tough to kill you…just don’t come into the house and you will survive!

Blackberries starting to develop a little color…

Melon field

Melons growing…hope to have some for market soon!

Omi and Opi are happy with this early harvest share!

Jordan and Sean prepping 2nd field of summer squash

Lots of hula hoeing!

Skye shot a rabbit…sad to take its life, but when this beautiful creature methodically eats all that we have grown, there isn’t much choice…View of Mt. Shasta from Mountain View Organics

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